We offer all custom cabinets with local craftsman. This gives you the ability to have a one of kind custom door style and or finish usually at the same price as the big box stores offer premade cabinetry


We carry exclusive brands that you wont find anywhere else. Some of or lines aren’t even available anywhere else in the US. We also have commodity lines that are competitive with pricing at large stores and just think you don’t even have to cross that bridge!


We have several plumbing lines to complete your entire plumbing project. We have custom lines that you can design your own faucet and finish and standard lines if you just need to replace that leaky faucet before your company comes in town. We have plumbers that can complete even just fixing that one faucet.


We provide exquisite materials from all over the world and manmade products for any need you have. Our installers are some of the best in the business and template with laser machines that will give you a flawless installation.


We have several lines of cabinet hardware in amazing finishes and options. Many of our lines ship the next day for that quick project you need completed or if you would like custom hardware we can design exactly what you want that is made just for you.

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